Commercial Operation Department

Commercial Operation

• Implement Process improvements and ensure that they have positive impact on overall business and sales productivity

• Unburden the sales force from administrative tasks and reduce nonselling time by providing support in Quote & Tendering process

• Sales pipeline tracking & management to ensure all the deals are correctly mapped in CRM

• Provide visibility to the management in terms of estimated orders, revenue booking and continuously track closure for orders, sales and GP

• Perform Deep Dive Analysis for all the Verticals. Track results and Perform gap analysis between target and committed numbers

• Commercial reviews of all contracts to ensure risk is mitigated.

Quote & Tender

• Monitor and search new tenders opened by customers

• Act as a business support team internally in providing relevant details and circulating new customer orders

• Provide support to customers in case of queries against delivery and Purchase Orders

• Providing support to sales team to prepare and submit quotes as per customer RFQ / RFP’s

• Ensure all the tender requirements and compliance list are followed before submitting any offer

• Perform Pre-tender risk assessment which includes:

• Pricing
• Risk identification & mitigation
• Preparing BOQ & Compliance checklist
• Alignment with all stakeholders (commercial, service, deliveries, sales, legal & finance)