Sterilization & Infection
Control Solutions

cssd solutions

We offer complete solutions for CSSD that include Department consultation, Design, equipment’s supply, Quality assured consumables, sterilization packaging material, waste management solutions and the most advanced instrument traceability solution.

We deliver the top of the range of CSSD equipment, lab sterilizations products and mortuary. We deal with several brands such as: Matachana, Famos, Healthmark, Westfield and Sterimed.

EHS provide easy to use, and high-quality products allowing hospitals in limiting the infection ration which in return protect and enhance patients’ safety

With the onset of COVID 19, we have ventured into manufacturing and distributing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Our solutions are FDA and CE certified.

• 3 Ply Masks
• KN95 Masks
• Protective Isolation Coveralls
• Rapid Test Kits

• Face Shield
• Air Purifiers