clinical laboratory equipment

EHS has an extensive range of products and services that are designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities and complement existing healthcare infrastructures. We deploy an entire range of solutions across a host of allied segments, providing the highest quality medical equipment and products that are environmentally friendly with CE markings to ensure that they are compliant with FDA standards.

Over the years, our sales team and technical engineers have provided and maintained several customized and effective solutions across leading government and private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutes and R&D labs in the MENA region.

Clinical Products Portfolio

• Histopathology equipment (tissue processor, microtome, tissue embedding system, slide strainers)
• Medical refrigerators and freezers
• Laboratory ovens & Incubators
• CO2 incubators
• Centrifuges (all types)
• Ice makers & Biological safety cabinets
• Laminar flow hood
• Elisa readers and washers
• Water baths

• Shakers and water stills
• Tablet counters
• Adult and baby weighing scales
• Mortuary refrigerators
• Autopsy tables and pathology workstations
• Laboratory microscopes
• Osmometer
• Weighing balances and many other products.