UAE Health &
Community Protection delegation
visits Japan

A senior delegation from the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection headed by Undersecretary Dr. Mohammad Selim Ulama visited Japan to enhance the partnership and learn about the latest innovations in health research, medical equipment, and radiology at Shimadzu International.

The General Manager of the company, Kunimasa Itoh, received the delegation accompanying the Undersecretary and the Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector Awad Saghir Al Ketbi and Engineer Sameh Al Naqbi. The delegation toured the company’s museum and factory, reviewed the latest medical equipment produced by the company and the methods of innovation. Modernized in hospitals and clinics to assess their productivity and comply with the best international standards in terms of reduction of radiation doses.

Radiology Systems Update Dr. Mohammad Selim Ulama stressed the importance of the visit to develop partnership with Shimadzu, For medical and update all radiology systems in state hospitals to support the quality of health services, and upgrading the capabilities of the ministry in the field of scientific research, as part of the ministry’s keenness on building quality and safety of health and treatment according to international standards and promote the health of the community by providing comprehensive and innovative health services systems.

Development of health facilities In a press release, 24 scientists stressed the importance of benefiting from the expertise of the world’s leading companies to develop the efficiency of health facilities, and discuss the experiences and scientific researches conducted in the UAE to find the best therapeutic techniques and provide training opportunities for technical cadres in line with the directives of the good government.

To provide the highest levels of treatment and preventive services to the members of society according to international standards, through the building of sustainable medical staff, and activate the spirit of scientific research to contribute to the construction of specialized research centers in the UAE.

He thanked the Ministry’s delegation for accepting the invitation to visit the company. He expressed his admiration for the distinguished UAE experience and praised the advanced level of health services, stressing the company’s desire to develop joint projects with the Ministry of Health and the protection of the UAE community and building partnerships in the field of innovation and medical research.