Sahara Healthcare City

Sahara Healthcare City is a significant new project that is currently under construction. It is an adjacent to Sahara Centre which is located right on the border between Sharjah and Dubai. The surrounding area of Sahara Centre is also well serviced with several residential, commercial, healthcare, and educational facilities. This unique location will polarize patients from both Emirates and enable healthcare providers to expand their coverage.

Due for completion in Q4 2020, Sahara Healthcare City aims to become the UAE’s first medical destination by providing several health services such as medical and surgical treatments, lab, specialty clinics, hospital and even educational. Served by professionalism, SHCC aims to be the medical/healthcare trademark for patients of the UAE and neighboring countries.

Why Invest in Sahara Healthcare City?

1. Strong Market Potential

A market size estimated to reach AED 5.6 billion by 2020, and 9.3% market size growth rate estimated between 2012 and 2018.

2. Growing Demand
Growing demand for highly specialized services, coupled with an aging population, mandatory healthcare insurance, a steady rise in GDP per capita, and a prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

3. Lack of Centralized Medical Facilities
There are currently no centers of excellence or specialized medical centers in Sharjah; therefore, opportunities exist for highly specialized facilities in the fields of oncology, pediatrics, and diabetes.
The medical facilities market in Sharjah is under-served and steadily growing, with opportunities available for investment in this up-and-coming sector.

4. Adjacent to Sahara Center
Sahara Healthcare City gains access from the mall as well as from the new residential towers. Its location has the following benefits:
• Strategic location on the border of Sharjah and Dubai
• Access to the Northern Emirates
• Close to Dubai and Sharjah airports