Precision for Treatment Success

“It’s simple, convenient and precise.” says Dr. Steffen Lissner, Product Manager at LAP. Users in the field of radiation therapy worldwide benefit from laser systems from LAP within treatment workflows and individual irradiation planning.

The DORADOnova 5 laser system provides highest comfort and optimal time efficiency during patient positioning and marking. Five movable lasers allow a fully flexible shifting of the projected reference points on the patient. Hence the clinical staff can pay their full attention to the patient, transferring the information of the patient’s position to the treatment room. In the next step room lasers from LAP guide the user to the correct position of the patient – reproducible fraction by fraction.

Lasers for patient positioning increase safety and precision during the whole treatment chain. From the first step of planning to the last irradiation of the patient, precise reproducible positioning saves valuable time. Marking the patient’s reference point on the CT makes it needless to mark on the LINAC which leads to more treatment time.
Five movable lasers for sagittal, coronal and transverse body plane make it easy to mark the patient without moving the CT couch. The clinical staff operate the lasers comfortably and seamless via smart laser control CARINAnav. Users can choose between three different laser colors, green, red and blue, to meet all room and staff requirements.

“We get feedback from users all over the world that the lasers are an important and reliable tool in their daily work.” Dr. Steffen Lissner states. Users rely on the functionality and high quality of radiation therapy solutions from LAP. Not least because all products from LAP meet certification standards for medical devices.