Partnership – Aspect imaging

Emitac Healthcare Solutions is proudly to announce their new partnership with Aspect Imagining. As per our company’s goal and vision, we are always striving to open new doors to improve service and quality in the healthcare by introducing the newest technology. Partnering with Aspect Imaging will bring value and strength to the Neonatal healthcare sector. Together, we will take the imaging solutions to the next level and we will fulfil the UAE market’s need.

Embrace® a Transformative Approach to Neonatal Neuro Imaging Inside the NICU

The Embrace® Neonatal MRI system from Aspect Imaging, Inc., is a patient-focused, transformative approach to neonatal neurological imaging, providing diagnostically valuable data, at the point of care. It is the first FDA 510(k) cleared and CE approved dedicated MRI system, designed specifically for use on newborns within the neonatal intensive care unit. Infants may be scanned anytime, within minutes of the order, to provide critical information for quicker diagnosis and treatment, while addressing the challenges often associated with off-unit transport of these vulnerable patients.

The Embrace® system’s patient-focused features and compact, high-performance permanent magnet technology deliver big benefits for enhanced neonatal neuro critical care management.

– A customized patient bed provides a temperature-controlled environment for the patient

– A full-color video display enables medical staff and parents to maintain continuous visual contact with the baby throughout the scanning process.

– The system’s small footprint fits perfectly into any NICU.

– The self-shielded, fully-enclosed system requires no special MRI room or cooling and the 5 Gauss line is contained within the magnet covers, enabling the use of traditional bedside equipment, The user-friendly system is easy to operate and patients can be scanned in less than an hour, without leaving the NICU.

All of these benefits add up to a simplified and efficient workflow for the NICU team and radiology staff; a comfortable and carefully monitored environment for the infant inside the NICU; and a less stressful experience for everyone.

Embrace® is the latest MRI solution to be introduced by Aspect Imaging, Inc. Through state-of-the-art technology, Aspect Imaging offers innovative, point-of-care MRI systems, designed to facilitate enhanced, patient-focused diagnostic capabilities.

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